Wisdom from Dr. Seuss

It’s up to us to be the change we want for Santa Rosa’s educators. Talk to someone you know about Santa Rosa EA. Invite us to join you in talking to colleagues. Let’s make it happen!

Degrees Not Debt & Member Benefits Seminars

Our Student Loan Forgiveness Seminars are happening next week.  Sessions will be held in several locations across the county.  Attend a seminar to learn how you might qualify to have your student loans reduced or even forgiven. NEA and AFT member benefit personnel will also be on hand to show how you can save on every day purchases through … Read more

2016 Legislative Debrief

Yesterday, the inaugural Santa Rosa EA Legislative Debrief took place in Navarre before a room filled with Santa Rosa EA supporters. The training centered on legislative policies, funding, and laws adopted at this recent legislative session. It is no secret that the legislature passed a dismal public education budget this year. This year’s state budget includes … Read more