January 15 SREA newsletter

Santa Rosa EA nears first anniversary!

It’s been nearly one year since the Santa Rosa EA was formed by a small group of teachers and Education Staff Professionals who wanted to have a different kind of organization. Since early 2016, Santa Rosa EA has, in addition to dealing with individual and group employment concerns:

  • Developed a core organizing team comprised of employees around the District
  • Marched on the Capitol alongside thousands of Florida educators in the Rally in Tally
  • Provided professional development and member advocacy seminars
  • Provided leadership training, including FEA Summer Academy, FEA Summer and Winter leadership conferences, and leadership retreat
  • Held nearly 200 meetings at all worksites
  • Established a regular routine of worksite and home visits with employees to learn what THEY want in their union
  • Conducted seminars for non-renewed employees
  • Presented legislative workshops and currently is developing a legislative action team,
  • Issued a weekly newsletter with local, state, and national updates
  • Created and maintained an informative and current website

Santa Rosa EA is committed to providing a different kind of union, focused on what members want and need. There is an alternative to the “business as usual” style of leadership which has led to diminishing returns on the investment to “stay local,” with NO connection to the state and national public education scene, NO professional staff at the bargaining table, NO legislative program in Tallahassee, NO liability protection with pro-public education backing, NO legal representation from attorneys with education and labor experience, and NO member benefits program with extensive discounts.

Perhaps more importantly, the bargaining results clearly have diminished, as average employee salaries have fallen behind in the region and Santa Rosa remains one of few Districts in Northwest Florida to have NO Annual Contract renewal language for teachers (Escambia, Walton, Bay, Gulf, Jackson, and 35 other associations have negotiated such protections to date).

If you want a professional association looking out for YOU, Santa Rosa EA is the only choice. Showing of Interest cards are being collected indicating that employees want an election to choose which organization will bargain for them. Please click this LINK, complete the card (please fill out the correct form – the top is for teachers and the bottom for Education Staff Professionals), and send it one of two ways:

  1. Mail to Santa Rosa EA, P.O. Box 723, Milton, FL 32570
  2. Email us at SREA@floridaea.org to arrange for your card to be picked up at your worksite

Join the HUNDREDS so far who have made the choice to make a change. Now is the time!

“So you’ve been accused – Now what?” NEW Workshop from Santa Rosa EA-January 19th

Bad things happen to good people every day in our public schools. Be prepared for the unexpected! Attend this one-hour workshop to find out exactly what to do when/if trouble strikes. All Santa Rosa educators are invited to attend this workshop presented by FEA Regional Specialist Bill Vincent next Wednesday, January 19th at Avalon Middle in Room 402 from 4 to 6 pm. Please RSVP by emailing to renita.bates@floridaea.org.

Volunteers needed for for Santa Rosa EA Legislative Advocacy Team

Santa Rosa EA currently is looking for educators who are interested in meeting with our local state legislators to establish relationships and have a means to relay our concerns about our students and our classrooms – before the Legislative session begins in Tallahassee this March. Santa Rosa EA will provide training about how you can advocate effectively for public education. If you are interested in being part of this committee, please email srea@floridaea.org to indicate your interest.