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The Santa Rosa Education Association represents teachers.

We make a difference in the lives of our students every day. We are dedicated to being our best for our students and we demand the most of ourselves, each other and our profession. We believe that when given the opportunity and resources we can help our students unlock their full potential.

Unfortunately, legislators think they know more about doing our job than we do. They are cheating our children with high-stakes testing and corporate reforms that put profits ahead of students.

It’s time for teachers in Santa Rosa County to make a difference in our profession. By working together we can have a powerful voice about the future of teaching and learning.

We say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. By joining with teachers and education staff professionals across the state we’re working to get politicians out of our classrooms and to ensure fair and unbiased evaluations.

Retired (or soon-to-be-retired) Santa Rosa teachers are encouraged to join FEA-Retired to maintain many of the benefits they enjoyed while working as a classroom teacher or education staff professional.