July 23 SREA newsletter

It’s almost time!

This Tuesday, July 25th, the Public Employees Relations Commission (PERC) will be conducting the final tallying of ballots teachers have submitted over a 4 week period to determine which organization will possess the bargaining rights going forward. Will teachers choose the status quo, with the same ideas, the same attitude, and the same results, or will they choose Santa Rosa EA, the true agent for change?  Time will tell.

Ballot counting will begin at 10 am Eastern.  Check Santa Rosa EA’s Facebook page on Tuesday for breaking news as it occurs.

The next steps await – and we need YOU!

Many teachers stepped forward over the past 2 years stood strong to fight for a new organization with a different perspective and approach. No matter the outcome in this election, Santa Rosa EA is here to stay – advocating for employees and finding opportunities to regain the ground lost in recent years. To that end, Santa Rosa EA will be moving forward with establishing a worksite representative structure, creating a transition team, completing association bylaws, and preparing for back to school activities.  We need members who are willing to help complete these important tasks as we enter into a new year with new opportunities.

This Thursday, July 27, Santa Rosa EA will be holding a meeting at Pea Ridge Elementary to work on these tasks to take the next steps.  We would like to have members from as many worksites as possible to be part of this work. If you can be part of this group, PLEASE reply to this email for more details and to let us know you will be in attendance.

Ed Support, you’re next!

On Monday, August 21st, ballots will be mailed to Ed Support employees’ home addresses which are to be completed and sent back to PERC for tallying on September 21st.  Finally, our critical Ed support employees will have a chance to choose CHANGE and not more of the same. Stay tuned for more information!