July 30 SREA newsletter

Local News

Teacher Election Results

After four weeks of mail-in balloting, votes were tallied on Tuesday by the Public Employees Relations Commission to determine which union – or if no union – would become the certified bargaining agent for over 1,900 Santa Rosa County School District teachers.

While Santa Rosa EA did not obtain the votes needed to become the certified bargaining agent, it will continue to provide its members an alternative employee organization for the hundreds of teachers who asked for a representation election as a result of dissatisfaction with the current bargaining agent.  With the prevailing organization garnering around 52% of the total number of votes, it is clear that teachers are divided regarding which organization should bargain for them. Moving forward, we will continue to monitor the quality of representation given by SRPE to the unit.

Many teachers who have never participated in a union came forward and fought hard for what they believed. Santa Rosa EA will continue to grow and provide members top-notch representation while looking for opportunities to bring positive changes to Santa Rosa’s schools.

There is much work to be done and members are already moving forward with plans for the new school year. In fact, on Thursday, teachers from around the county met for a back to school rep training at Pea Ridge Elementary and Santa Rosa EA also will be present at the Spark training for new teachers.  And last but not least, the Education Support employees representation election starts in just a few short weeks. In short, Santa Rosa EA is here to stay!

Ed Support Election is coming!

On Monday, August 21st, ballots will be mailed to Ed Support employees’ home addresses which are to be completed and sent back to PERC for tallying on September 21st. This is an opportunity, once and for all, for our critical Ed Support employees to have their OWN union, their OWN voice, and their OWN contract!  Ed Support, this is your shot.  Are you ready to step up and take your seat at the table?

Stay tuned for more information!

State News

Several Florida school boards sign on to HB 7069 lawsuit

School boards in Lee, Volusia, and Bay counties vote to join the lawsuit against the state over the new education bill, HB 7069. They join Broward and St. Lucie counties in the challenge over the bill, which forces districts to share local property tax revenue with charter schools and provides financial incentives for charter companies to set up schools in areas with persistently low-performing traditional public schools. The bill also strips local officials from approving charter schools in their districts. Other districts are considering joining the suit, which has not yet been filed. Palm Beach County is expected to file suit individually.

National News

Teacher Pay Penalty Driving Educators Away From Profession
When educator compensation doesn’t measure up, it hurts students and communities too. Read more…