3,000 public education supporters rally in Tallahassee

Santa Rosa EA members were among the 3,000 teachers, education staff professionals, parents and public education supporters at the January 14 “Enough is Enough” rally in Tallahassee.

From Miami to Jacksonville to Pensacola — and everywhere in between — union members and supporters took buses, vans and carpools to come to the Capitol. Their message was clear: “Enough is Enough!”

Signs and chants made sure that the Legislature understood that teachers, education staff professionals and parents have had enough of high-stakes standardized testing, meaningless evaluation plans, privatization of school services, disrespect from lawmakers, and corporate reforms that put profits ahead of students.

“Florida is cheating our children out of their education and robbing them of valuable classroom time because we are obsessed with how well they test rather than how well they learn,” said FEA President Joanne McCall.

Did you miss the bus? You can watch a 6-minute highlight video of the rally at MyFEAtv.com.