April 21 Special Edition SREA Newsletter

They might be selling it…but don’t buy it! SRPE has spent a great deal of energy lately sitting behind a keyboard saying some scary things in regard to the upcoming representation election. While more information will be coming in the Sunday’s weekly newsletter, here are a few facts to consider that shine an uncomfortable light … Read more

April 16 SREA Newsletter

This is why teachers and education staff professionals need a new bargaining agent! “If there is a presently existing certified bargaining agent for any of the job classifications listed for inclusion in the proposed bargaining unit, that bargaining agent shall automatically be designated an intervenor.” -Public Employees Relations Commission So why is SRPE, the current … Read more

April 9 SREA Newsletter

Education Staff Professionals, Don’t Be Left Behind! Last week Santa Rosa EA filed for an election to challenge SRPE for the bargaining rights for teachers. So why were Education Staff Professionals not included? While SRPE and the district have historically negotiated one contract including teachers and support staff employees, it is important to understand that … Read more