January 21 SREA Newsletter

January 21, 2018


Local News

House Bill 25 is Coming for YOU!

In 2017, Education Support employees worked hard to win an independent contract.

In 2018, two politicians in Tallahassee plan to take it away from you.

Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran and Rep. Scott Plakon have re-introduced a bill designed to de-certify unions of educators and education support employees. Their plan automatically de-certifies your union if membership falls below fifty percent of the entire bargaining unit. It would force your union to collect signature cards every year and call for new representation votes annually.

House Bill 25 targets ONLY YOU and YOUR UNION. Other public employees, like police officers, firefighters, or other first responders, are protected – by name – from this decertification plot.

Corcoran, Plakon, and their allies, perceive that YOU are too powerful when you exercise your right to unite and speak up. Their solution is to make it harder for you to take collective action through your union.

Decertification leaves you weaker, without a unified voice, while it makes politicians like Corcoran, Plakon, and their allies, more powerful.

The way to fight back and protect your independent contract from the Corcoran-Plakon decertification scheme is to enroll at least fifty percent of Education Support employees in your school or worksite before their scheme goes into effect.


Join Santa Rosa EA Now, Pay Later!

With constant attacks on public education and unions like HB 25, there has not been a better time to become a member of Santa Rosa EA. Santa Rosa is providing several options now that we have secured payroll deduction for dues collection. The following 4 options are available:


  1. Payroll deduction, using “Join Now, Pay Later”: Deduct you dues from your monthly paycheck beginning in March. Legal service protection will become effective 30 days after your first dues payment with this option.
  2. Payroll deduction without “Join Now, Pay Later.” If you need legal service protections to begin sooner, deduct your dues beginning with the first paycheck after your enrollment.
  3. Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT): Deduct your dues from your checking or savings account.
  4. Switch from EFT to Payroll Deduction. Opt for no interruption in legal service protections, or opt for “Join Now, Pay Later” and your legal service will resume 30 days after the first payroll dues deduction.




Ed Support Bargaining Team – do you have what it takes to be a member?

Now that Ed Support employees and the School Board have ratified a transitional agreement to cover current wages, benefits, and working conditions, Santa Rosa EA continues moving with forming and training a bargaining team that will go to the table in the coming months.  While some members already have stepped forward there are a few spots left for Santa Rosa EA members who are willing to put forth the time and effort to bargain for all Ed Support employees. Previous bargaining experience is not necessary as there are some experienced members on the team.  Only the willingness to learn the process and put in the time for bargaining preparation and sessions are necessary.


If you are interested in serving on the bargaining team, please reply to this email and you will be contacted by Santa Rosa EA.


State News


Winter is Here

Tallahassee is in for another cold front, and things don’t look much better inside the capitol. The first week of session came to a close last week. Watch our first legislative session video to find out more about the legislature’s latest attack on unions and public schools.


Click here to watch FEA’s first session video of the year!


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National News


‘Be Vocal,’ Urges Teacher Arrested at School Board Meeting

Every educator must be able to speak out without fear or retaliation on the issues that matter to educators, their students, and their communities.


Burnout or Demoralization? What’s the Difference and Why it Matters

The root cause of teacher dissatisfaction may have more to do with how the profession has been degraded and less on a perceived inability to handle the pressures of the job.


6 Programs New Educators Will Want to Know About

Once you graduate from your education program and leave your NEA student chapter behind, the door to support and camaraderie doesn’t close.


Remember, the Big Picture Matters!

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