June 18 SREA Newsletter

Election Update!

The representation election for Santa Rosa teachers begins very soon, as the Public Employees Relations Commission (PERC) will be mailing ballots to teachers’ home addresses on file with the District on June 27th. All teachers employed as of May 18th – even if they have since been non-renewed or have resigned/retired – will be eligible to vote. Ballots are due back to PERC by 10 am Eastern on July 25th. Here is a sample ballot:

So what would each choice mean?

YES – Santa Rosa Education Association: This would provide teachers professional representation by a member-driven organization which seeks to restore the ground lost in recent years – in terms of membership, bargaining results, a connection to state and national affiliates that are clearly pro-public education, a no-deductible liability policy, a robust member benefits program, and professional staff with many years of experience in all aspects of association work. Also, following the election, new leaders will be elected to serve YOU!

NO: This would mean that there would be no association bargaining for teachers. Wages, benefits, and working conditions would be set solely by the School Board as there would be no contract.

YES – Santa Rosa Professional Educators: This choice would mean that the same bargaining agent would remain in place, with the same leadership, the same approach to bargaining, the same liability policy backed by pro-charter, anti-collective bargaining organization, and unfortunately for teachers, the same results.

If you aren’t happy with the way your contract is being negotiated…
If you’re tired of the real issues being ignored…
If you’ve had it with the same approach with the same results,

Then it’s time for a CHANGE.

If you want CHANGE, then

State News

HB 7069 Signed by Governor Scott

Earlier this week, Florida Education Association (FEA) President Joanne McCall expressed her disappointment today that Gov. Rick Scott signed House Bill 7069 into law, saying that it’s the latest in a line of bad legislation designed to undermine Florida’s public schools.

“The implementation of HB 7069 will do harm to our schools and to our most vulnerable students,” McCall said. “Blindly jumping into this so-called ‘fundamental transformation’ of how we educate our children is based almost entirely on ideology. At best this is malpractice. This is no way to build a high quality public education system.”

McCall said that parents and teachers deserve better than HB 7069 and that they know that our schools need more funding to serve the needs of the state’s 2.8 million public school students.

“Our schools need to be able to meet the needs of our students,” McCall said. “That isn’t done with massive giveaways to charter schools while school districts try to scrape by to make ends meet.”

McCall noted that parents, teachers and others from throughout the state opposed HB 7069.

“It’s time for our elected leaders to begin to listen to parents, teachers and education staff professionals. They need to strengthen our neighborhood public schools, not work to undermine them,” McCall said. “We’ll be back to undo the worst of the provisions of HB 7069 and to work to build stronger public schools.”


National News

The Secret to High-Performing Nations’ Success? A Respected, Professionalized Teaching Force
Countries like Finland and Singapore don’t chase narrow, short-term fixes. They ensure that high-quality teaching takes place in every classroom for every child.