October 2 SREA newsletter

Local News Bargaining begins, but are you sure YOUR interests are represented? Negotiations began last week as the SRPE bargaining team met with the District to address contract language and compensation. An association typically selects bargaining team members who represent a cross section of the employees. Upon seeing the list of SRPE negotiators for this … Read more

September 25 SREA newsletter

Local News Santa Rosa EA wants to hear from YOU! The driving force behind a successful association is that member input is sought out, valued, and implemented through its programs and services. Santa Rosa EA wants YOUR input about what is important to YOU. Your feedback is vital, so please take a few minutes to … Read more

August 14 SREA newsletter: Your Voice, Your Choice!

Santa Rosa EA is committed to the “Three Rs” – being a Responsible, Respectful and Responsive organization for its members.  If you want to have a professional association in which members come first, then you need Santa Rosa EA. In order to have Santa Rosa EA as your bargaining agent, please complete the Showing of … Read more